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Global Aircraft Market 

Post Covid the demand for both the new and resale aircraft has witness record orders as economies and carriers bounce back stronger. 


We closely monitor the aircraft market and in addition to our market analysis offer aircraft sourcing services and access to our range of charter aircraft solutions. 


If you require aircraft as part of your longer term fleet planning requirements or require adhoc aircraft for any time period, please get intouch as we work across the global markets and have direct access to charter companies and will be able to quickly advise on the aircraft solutions available for you.  


Executive Jets 

We have a portfolio of private jets that can be deployed as per your convenience at very short notice.​Our current geographical offerings where aircraft are stationed include:​The UK, Europe, India, The UAE, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia, Senegal, Kenya, Sao Tome and Principe, South Africa and Singapore.


We currently have the following aircraft based in Africa ready to be deployed on any specific point pairings - subject to relevant flight permits and approvals being obtained:A330A340B767 - 400ERB737 - 400/500/600B747 - 400B747 - 400FB 747 - 400 SFB777 - 300E145Q400  

medevac dre av.jpg

Medevac Aircraft 

Safety and timing mean everything, especially in emergency situations.​We have medevac helicopters and aircraft ready to deploy at short notice. The aircraft are based in Nigeria and Ghana and  can be dispatched to any location at very short notice.​Each aircraft comes with first needs emergency medical equipment and with trained medical crews inorder to carry the patient(s) to secure hospital locations in the least possible time whilst being supervised by expert medical teams.

Send us a message which as much detail as possible about your charter request and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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