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Taking Notes on Financial Report

M&A and Financing

We are seeing strong demand for our Due Diligence services with regards to investors seeking an independent opinion on either acquisitions or investment finance.  We are also seeing equal demand from aviation companies seeking capital and equity investment across the African continent.

A key interface 

dre aviation are becoming a key intermediary between the investment community and key aviation operators seeking funds and partnerships for growth.


We are currently appointed as a key due diligence partner for Africa aviation investments by a key wealth fund and are seeking increased demand for due diligence services for both airlines and aviation support company investments from both private clients and larger funds.

Since we have the interface into a number of airlines and aviation support companies we are also experiencing an increase in operators seeking finance from our fund partners.


By being well established in the African market (and rapidly growing in other emerging markets) we are able to serve both the Investor and the Corporate wishing to restructure and raise monies for expansion. 

Talk to us....

Let's have a confidential chat and see if we can assist your aviation business expansion plans. 

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