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Industry News: IATA Welcome Salam Air To Its Airline Register

Congratulations Salam Air!

IATA has recently announced that Salam Air has become IATA's latest airline member!

Based in Muscat, Salam Air is the first low-cost carrier in Oman. It is also the first airline in the Sultanate to introduce the Airbus A320neo and A321neo aircraft, operating popular short to medium-haul routes throughout the region and worldwide.

About Salam Air

"Inspired by the soul of Oman and its people, Salam Air is the first low-cost carrier based in Oman. The airline has a variety of exciting destinations worldwide.

Being a low-cost carrier means giving people the choice and flexibility when shaping their journeys and offering a great experience. We want more people to be able to travel more often without having to compromise on their experience because of cost by providing an alternative way to fly and let them choose the journey they want to have.

Our brand identity has been created to reflect the lush green landscapes and soothing blue seascapes of Oman. Even our name “Salam” which means greeting in Arabic, pays homage to Oman’s deep-rooted culture and history and epitomizes the values of hospitality, confidence, and drives towards innovation which is embedded in the culture of Oman. This serves as a powerful and exciting platform to build from as we redefine the sector of budget carriers - opening the skies for more people to customize their travels without compromising on quality. We are proud to create a new avenue to contribute to Oman’s economic diversification strategy. The airline has set in motion a world of benefits for the Sultanate in terms of economic growth, job creation, presenting Oman as a vibrant tourist destination, and supporting the transformation envisaged in Oman’s Vision 2040.

We have become the first operator in the sultanate to introduce the Airbus A320neo and A321neo aircraft. Our current fleet consists of six A320neo, four A321neo, and an A321F cargo aircraft which aid our network expansion plans in supporting the airline to increase connectivity across the region’s popular and short to medium-haul routes. SalamAir strives to work within three voice principles of being friendly, helpful, and simple.

We work together for the benefit of our company, country, customers, and community. We always accept feedback graciously to improve as a team while meeting challenges head-on, together. Thank you for being part of our success.


Our tagline is a culmination of everything we stand for. It’s the pride in our country and our culture. Bringing together our brand values, essence, vision and mission into a single expression. While the brand colors, derived from Oman's picturesque landscapes, mirror the tones of the sea and lush flora and fauna.

OUR GUESTS Our customers are the center of our world and we go out of our way to make them feel comfortable and happy. After all, they’re family, just like our colleagues and partners. Customer satisfaction is at the core of our identity and we plan to elevate the standards of business and leisure travel alike by offering customers quality, safety, hospitality, and affordability from the moment they come into contact with Salam Air.

OUR TEAM SalamAir has currently hired around 451 talented and hard-working individuals. Most of them have extensive experience in the tourism and airline industry. Whether it's overseeing flight operations, helping customers over the phone, or keeping our guests safe on board, there are seasoned professionals taking care of things.


Deriving from our brand aesthetic the bright livery of the A320 family we currently utilize 6 Airbus A320neo aircraft, 7 Airbus A321neo, and 1 Airbus A321 freighter; making us the 1st Omani carrier to utilize these highly rated single-aisle aircraft. This also opens up to us new travel possibilities across the region and the world. ِAll new A320neo and A321neo joining our fleet in 2019 and 2021/2022; brings us additional fuel and operational efficiency which will aid us to offer our passengers lower prices and higher frequency. Being equipped with 180 seats and 212 seats respectively, the A320neo & the A321neo offer the passenger generous leg space and a comfortable seat pitch, which is key for a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Salam Air also operates one A321-200P2F-Cargo freighter."

Salam Air is certainly putting itself on the map and is making the right moves in terms of regulatory compliance and fleet expansion. Whilst some market commentators has noted caution with regards to overcapacity, we believe that there is a niche that Salam Air can still serve in the Middles Eastern market and we look forward to them expanding their routes across Africa in the, hopefully, not too distant future.


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