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Nigeria: Does NG Need a New National Carrier

dre aviation have been following the progress of the Nigeria Air initiative over many years.

With the election looming next year in Nigeria, the subject has become a major topic of debate as time is running out for the incumbent government to implement this project.

So, our analysis is simple, do we need a National Carrier in Nigeria?

Kindly poll your opinion below, we will keep the voting open until 15th September before we conclude with our analysis.

We have also opened the comments section for this page as we know there are alot of opinions out there.

Does Nigeria need a National Carrier?

  • 0%Yes, please expedite it.

  • 0%No, let the existing carriers grow.

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1 Comment

Aug 22, 2022


Honestly I would appreciate more a contribution by the government in sustaining the existing businesses than trying to establish a new flag carrier, which would be probably unprofitable from the beginning and for quite some years. The current economical situation could be improved by proportionally sustain the airlines based on their performances (number of pax, commercial movements, safety records etc.) hence the contribution would be coherent with the dimensions of the airlines and properly smoothed.


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