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South Africa: SA Express Flight Cancellations ‘could be a sign that it and SAA should fold’

CAPE TOWN – The abrupt cancellation of flights by SA Express on Wednesday could be a sign that it is now time for the state-owned airline and its parent company South African Airways to fold.

This was according to Mike Schüssler, owner of Economists dotcoza, who said the airline, along with its parent company SAA, was not immune to failure.

SA Express’s divisional manager of marketing, brand and product, Mpho Majatladi, said on Wednesday that operations resumed after 4pm and that it regrets the inconvenience that this had caused to its passengers and other customers.

“The airline’s flights were cancelled for operational reasons. Alternative travel arrangements were provided for all passengers to get to and from their destinations,” said Majatladi.

Reports claimed that the airline’s management was locked in meetings for the better part of the day, trying to find a solution. Majatladi could not be drawn to comment further on the cancellation.


By: Sizwe Dlamini


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