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Zambia: Proflight Make Final Preparations for Delivery Of New Aircraft

Proflight Zambia’s staff complete training in maintenance and operations of their new their Dash-8 aircraft

Source: Lusaka Times

Proflight Zambia’s staff have completed their Dash-8 turboprop aircraft type training in maintenance and operations as the airline prepares for its latest aircraft to be put on the Zambian register.

Proflight has been working closely with the regulator, Zambia Civil Aviation Authority as well as with the aircraft manufacturer Bombardier, to complete its type training on the Dash 8, while Type acceptance in Zambia of the aircraft type, is on course.

Proflight Zambia’s Director of Safety, Quality and Security Kenneth Silavwe said the company staff have undergone rigorous, Zambia Civil Aviation Authority approved training ahead of the local registration of the 50-seat Dash-8 turboprop aircraft in Zambia.”

Mr Silavwe said: “Airworthiness and Maintenance training for the Zambia Civil Aviation Authority and Proflight maintenance staff is complete, and Flight Operations Training has already commenced and is scheduled to be completed during early April 2019.”

Some 15 Proflight employees have undergone training for the Dash 8 aircraft type. The group undergoing the type training included pilots, cabin crew and engineers.

“The first batch of training on the Dash 8 for Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers began as early as December 2018,” added Mr Silavwe.

Under the training Proflight staff acquire comprehensive theoretical and practical skills in the systems, structures, operations, maintenance, repair and diagnosis of the Dash 8 aircraft type.

Aircraft type training is done in accordance with regulatory approved maintenance and flight operations information and documentation, so that the necessary maintenance tasks can be properly and safely carried out and the aircraft operated according to the required standards and operating limitations as per the design and type certification specifications.

Since the Dash 8 plane is a new type of aircraft introduced on Proflight’s domestic and regional routes, the airline is required to be thoroughly familiar with the unique features of the aircraft while the type certification process is followed.

Aviation regulatory authorities require the aircraft to be type-accepted in order to gather information that will enable effective safety oversight for the aircraft when its on the Zambian Register of Aircraft, as well as to be able to accurately assess the aircraft prior to granting any technical related approvals relating to the aircraft such as but not limited to type-specific courses for the flight crew, cabin crew and engineers.

Proflight puts training as a top priority to enhance the level of safety attained. Currently the airline employees more than 200 employees and is dedicated in improving the industry with its addition of new aircraft and professional personnel.

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