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We are well established in Africa and have a growing number on offices on this vast continent, our current locations include Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa. We continue to grow our presence in this key continent and can now offer our suite of services across 52 countries across Africa. 

We have recently witnessed an increase in demand for our services in Africa in the regulatory and approval environment along with M&A due diligence, and Passenger and Cargo GSSA representation requests. 

In addition to advisory, regulatory and operational support, we monitor and analyse the African sector very closely and actively feed insights and commentary to our analytics division (dre aviation Analytics) to ensure that any advisory we provide to clients is up to date and value adding. 

The key contact for our European operations is Mr Ifeanyi Onyimadu, he can be contacted at: or via Watts App on +234 (to be confirmed - please bear with us).

Latest African Aviation Updates: News and Analysis

For more updates please use the search feature on this page, we have thousands of historical updates and insights as our feeds are updated daily with the latest news coming out of the industry in Africa.


Please note that we now also have dedicated pages for EUROPE, NORTH AMERICA, ASIA, and LATIN AMERICA, (ASIA PACIFIC to follow shortly).  

Talk to us about your requirements in Africa

We are able to offer our full suite of services across Africa and are available to tailor any adhoc operational or specific project requirements that you may have for your organisation. 

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