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Welcome to Our Analytics Suite 

dre aviation Analytics

We work behind the scenes and collect data, undertake analysis and formulate recommendations for our clients to keep them ahead of the competition. We stay abreast in our key markets and are constantly updating our data and knowledge bases. 

Key Areas Covered in this sections are (but not limited to):

  • Passenger and Cargo Demand Statistics

  • Fuel Price Monitor

  • Local Competitor Analysis

  • Current Business Development and JV Opportunities

  • Country Level Assessments and Forecasts

  • Risks and Opportunities

  • Input Cost Comparables and 

  • Capacity Analysis

  • Airline Financials

  • Airline Deep Dives

Here we share some insights into the power of data, detailed information and recommendations are reserved for clients, should you wish to discuss any particular market or opportunity, please get intouch and we will be pleased to assist.

Latest IATA Cargo Statistics

We analyse and report the latest official IATA global data on Cargo.

Spot the trends, take advantage of our exclusive forecasts and maximise your carrier opportunities.

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