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Africa: Rano Air in Route Expansion Mode

Nigeria's newest airline entrant means business. Rano Air, has launched 2 new routes this week; they now link Katsina with Abuja and Kaduna to Lagos. A move that has gone down well with the travelling public and industry watchers.

The airline also intimidated that it would bolster it's fleet in 2024 by adding larger aircraft to it's fleet to complement the existing 5 Embraer 145 aircraft that it already operates.

The Rano Air Chairman also stated that they are ready, well funded, and plan to launch services across the country inorder to complete with the likes of Air Peace, amongst others.

The airline currently operates across 7 destinations, that include; Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Katsina, Maiduguri and Sokto.

Our view on Rano Air

Rano's achievements in the Nigerian aviation sector have been understated, and much of this goes down to the leadership style and humility of the Rano Air Chairman - Alhaji Auwalu Abdullahi Rano.

The airline has achieved so much within a year of launch and as long as the airline's financial discipline and calculated route expansion continues, the airline can become a significant player in Nigeria.

In many respects, the airline is a silent striker, it avoids public and often theatre like outbursts that are synonymous with the likes of Air Peace and United Nigeria Airline - rather they focus on fundamentals and focus on the airline business plans.

Rano Air remains in our top three airlines to watch in Nigeria, we list Rano Air, Ibom Air and Value Jet as the one's to watch in the medium to long term as these are well run airlines and seem to be making all the right moves in the market.

Despite the challenges to the sector in Nigeria, Rano Air is a prime example that airlines can be developed and nurtured if they are run with focussed management teams that understand the industry and can risk manage the external shocks that are present in all operating environments around the world.

We congratulate Rano Air in its latest route expansion and look forward to watching the carrier spread it's wings across Nigeria.

Joanne Moore

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