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Asia: ANA Announce Decent Set of Numbers for September 2023

Japan's All Nippon Airways have posted a positive set of results for September 2023.

Whilst all key metrics posted positive growth and demonstated a market still in recovery mode post the pandemic I believe that the recovery fueled unleashing of pent up demand may have seen a top. Especially, I am concerned that we may have peaked in the short term.

We should also keep an eye on possible over supply building up in the Asian market space which may put pressure on yields going forward. The ANA numbers will be put into perspective when I analyse the latest IATA global data later this week but I beleive that we are continuing to form a trend across the more maturer markets across the globe.

In summary, a healthy set of numbers but we may be close to peak in the short term.

A copy of the official statistics reported by the carrier are filed below for your reference.

Sukhjinder Mann

dre aviation


November 2023

ANA Sept2023 Traffic Data
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