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dre aviation Launch Aviation Insurance Service

dre aviation, Africa's Leading Airline Consultancy has announced a collaboration with Nigeria's GreenLeaf Insurance Brokers to launch aviation insurance products across the African continent, the coverage will include passenger travel insurance in addition to specialist airline and ground handler insurance requirements.

Announcing the collaboration, Jo Moore, Communications Manager for dre aviation stated that the partnership with Nigeria's Greenleaf Insurance Brokers is the first stage of coverage in Africa and partner offices will be rolled out across the continent over time. "That said, we are able to offer Africa wide service via our office in Nigeria through strategic partnerships".

dre aviation has partnered with Greenleaf Insurance Brokers, a leading insurance brokerage firm in Nigeria and have diversified their product offering to include all aviation related insurance, the policies will be backed by our Lloyds of London syndicate brokers.

"Our aim is to add value to African airlines and the travelling public, far too long the sector on the continent has been paying excessive premiums and this affects the business plans of the carriers adversely. Whilst we promote safer aviation in African skies, it must also feed through to cheaper insurance coverage. This is the latest addition to dre aviation's SMARTER PROCUREMENT initiative whereby they assist carriers to cut costs and to create leaner operating environments.

Greenleaf is leveraging technology to provide solutions tailored to meet the very fast paced trajectory of aviation business in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

The team is ready to serve and are available on:

+234 7025000887

+234 8093317777

We look forward to serving your aviation insurance requirements in Africa.

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Whilst we remain Africa's Leading Airline Consultancy, demand for our services has increased globally. Join us on on our journey.

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