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Green Aviation: ANA Future Promise Prop Represents Continued Commitment to ESG Goals

In addition to ANA's Greener Aviation initiatives, they went further to announce that they will introduce the new ANA Future Promise Prop, a DHC8-Q400 aircraft featuring a distinctive livery inspired by the airline's sustainability initiatives. The new aircraft will enter service on domestic routes beginning October 23, 2023. The ANA Future Promise (AFP) initiative, introduced in 2021, encompasses ANA Group's commitment to and activities across its environmental, social responsibility and governance areas.

"ANA is committed to accomplishing its sustainability goals and be a leader in the aviation industry, and the ANA Future Promise Jet and Prop symbolizes our ongoing efforts," said Junko Yazawa, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience Management & Planning of ANA. "As we remain committed to our emissions reductions goals, we will continue to identify and invest in industry-leading sustainability practices and innovations to advance our mission."

  • Starting October 23, 2023, ANA will operate a DHC8-Q400 aircraft featuring a special ANA Future Promise livery to raise awareness of its broader sustainability and environmental strategy.

  • Onboard services will prioritize sustainability, CO2 emission reduction and regional and local economic contributions, outlined in ANA Group's mid-term corporate strategy.

Livery and special material used on aircraft

The AFP aircraft will have a special livery featuring the ANA Future Promise (AFP) initiative, which began in 2021 and encompasses ANA Group's activities in environmental, social responsibility and governance areas. In addition, the aircraft features a special material developed by Nikon Corporation, which is expected to have a "shark skin effect" with its riblet texture. ANA will study the decrease in air resistance and CO2 emission reduction of the aircraft, as well as the material's durability and technology.

Special features in the aircraft cabin

To minimize the use of plastics onboard, the aircraft seats will be equipped with a special safety manual crafted from scallop seashells. ANA will work together with Koushi Chemical Industry, a manufacturer involved in utilizing waste materials, to reuse the scallop seashells from Sarufutsu Village in Hokkaido, thereby contributing to regional development, waste reduction and plastic reduction.

The seats will feature special headrest covers using vegan leather developed by an Aomori Prefecture-based venture company appcycle, Inc, which were made from the residue of juice made from apples grown in Aomori Prefecture, and is symbolic of ANA's further commitment to contribute to regional economies.

ANA will introduce special background music that evokes the richness of nature, in order to serve our passengers in a unique setting for the sustainable flight.

This is an awesome start and we wish ANA well and hope that they continue to rollout these demonstrable improvements across their fleet. in due course

We invite you to come and join us in our quest to assist the aviation community become Carbon Neutral, we would love to hear your ideas and learn of the various initiatives that any carrier (any size of carrier) is doing in order to preserve the planet and improve the quality of human life.

In the interim, we will continue to work with regulators, operators and the industry as a whole to raise GREEN AVIATION awareness and to assist in the practical implementation of possible solutions and aviation policy.

Please feel free to feedback and join the dre aviation forum on GREEN AVIATION. It's our industry, we need to own the challenges and help to find solutions.

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