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Romania: Flag Carrier Tarom Starts Cutting Personnel In Two Weeks

Romanian national air carrier Tarom will start personnel cuts within two weeks after the Government formally endorses the decision.

Some 700 of its 1,800 employees will lose their jobs, according to the restructuring plan adopted for a EUR 36.7 mln state aid requested last year and received earlier this year, Mediafax reported.

The company asked for another emergency loan worth EUR 65 mln to help it overcome the negative impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

At the end of July, Tarom discontinued the flights to Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Moldova, Serbia, Turkey, and Lebanon, due to the authorities' travel restrictions.

This was the last of a long series of restrictions that hit the company's revenues.

On August 10, the situation of the flights to Spain turned uncertain as the sanitary bodies placed the countries on the list of regions with high contagion risks - a measure typically followed by the discontinuation of air transport routes. 

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