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UK: BA's New Safety Video - Always Creative, Always Warming.

“There is a light for attracting attention, and who doesn’t love attention?”

  • British Airways has launched its new onboard safety video, featuring many incredible colleagues from across the airline

  • The safety video encompasses British wit; playing on the British obsession with the weather to a love for fish and chips, and celebrating things that make Britain original

  • In addition to the airline’s people, the video features members of the public and some well-known faces

  • The safety video will feature on board British Airways’ long-haul aircraft from 1 May 2023*

Monday 17 April, 2023 - British Airways has today premiered its new onboard safety video, which stars the airline’s colleagues, Britons going about their daily activities and some familiar faces, showcasing everything that makes Britain unique and truly original.

The safety video plays on things synonymous with the UK, from discussing the weather to enjoying fish and chips by the sea, it celebrates the timeless quirks and its unique people that put the nation on the map.

The five-minute film will be shown on the airline’s long-haul aircraft from 1 May 2023, and showcases British Airways colleagues from across the airline in their roles on the ground and in the air. One of the stars, British Airways engineer Carl Carpenter, drives across an engineering hangar while asking customers to unplug their devices, before his own vehicle comes to an abrupt stop. Cabin crew member Sima Patel-Pryke asks customers for their attention as the safety instructions may differ from other aircraft they’ve travelled on previously. In response, British rapper, Little Simz takes off her headphones, and remarks ‘What?!’

As well as shining a light on the airline’s incredible colleagues, the video also features some of the Great British public. When cabin crew member Emily Mae Jackson reminds customers that life jackets should not be inflated inside the aircraft, viewers see the instruction playfully taken out of situ with a real-life farmer near Dover and two fishermen on Deal beach in Kent all inflating their life jackets.

Calum Laming, British Airways' Chief Customer Officer, said: “We have all sat through safety demonstrations before, so we knew we needed to create something different that would capture attention and was totally in line with our British Original positioning. We wanted this to be a real celebration of originality and for us, it is our people who – together with where we’re from – make us unique. That’s why it was important for us to hero so many of our amazing colleagues doing what they do each and every day for our customers and for each other. We also wanted to inject some wit and showcase Britishness, and all the quirks that put us on the map by shining a light on real life people - from fishermen and chip shop workers to friends hanging out, as well as some well known faces who help put Britain on a stage. So, seats in the take-off position and we hope you really enjoy our new safety video.”

British Airways engineer, Carl Carpenter, said: “My day-to-day role involves making sure our aircraft are safe for our customers, so to feature in the safety video itself is quite surreal. We had so much fun filming the video and I can’t wait to finally see it on board when I next go on holiday.”

Tennis player, Emma Raducanu, said “As a British Airways Brand Ambassador, it was a privilege to be a part of the new safety video and film alongside so many British Airways colleagues and household names from across the country. It’s fresh, engaging and I know customers will be in for a treat when video is rolled out for the first time on board.”

The airline’s colleagues star alongside celebrities including Ncuti Gatwa, Little Simz, Robert Peston, Kaya Scodelario, Steven Bartlett, Emma Raducanu, chef Tom Kerridge and British Airways’ new uniform designer Ozwald Boateng.

The airline is championing and showcasing British Originality across its customer experience, from its menus featuring the best of British cuisine, to its dedicated British Original in-flight entertainment channel, and is proud to show off the best of Britain.

Later this year, a second version of the safety video will be released, featuring the airline’s colleagues in its new uniform.


*The safety video will be available on long-haul aircraft with inflight entertainment screens. On British Airways’ short-haul aircraft, without inflight entertainment screens, the airline’s cabin crew will carry out a manual safety demonstration.


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