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Green Aviation - the future of our industry

This planet doesn't belong to any of us.

This is a key mantra at dre aviation. Whilst we are passionate about aviation and have successfully delivered many aviation projects, we are still mindful that we need to work and deliver solutions within the minimum ecological footprint.

"We must also do the right thing in everything we do."

We encourage as many participants to join us in our Aviation CSR initiatives and do more than our bit for the future generations. We need your inputs and ideas and collectively we can make a difference.

Our current CSR projects include:

  • Forest preservation initiatives - we are close to purchasing our first forestry holding and will work with specialists to ensure that the woodlands and nurtured and managed to ensure maximum biodiversity and value add to the  environment. Watch this space  for this exciting development and regular updates as we move our focus out of the airport environments and into the real green world.

  • ROUTES and WABICC Anti Wildlife Trafficking Initiatives - for further information on how you can support the Routes Partnership, please visit their website.

  • Donating resources to provide safe and clean drinking water for many of the world's poorest communities - you too can help impoverished communities across the world access a key basic human right. Learn more at Water Aid

  • We actively support the Kanu Heart Foundation in Nigeria and personally endorse Kanu Nwankwo's relentless efforts to actively support the local communities in Nigeria by providing free Heart surgery and cardiac related medical support. Learn more about the Foundation and some of the life saving work done to date by this most genuine and humble Arsenal football legend here.

  • We are following the development of electric aircraft and Sustainable Aviation Fuels and in our way will help to increase awareness across our client and partner organisations.

In addition, we commit to providing resources and promoting any further good causes that we deem fit going forward. We believe that together, the aviation community can make a multi generation lasting change for the better. Please find the latest news and updates in this very important pillar of our organisation listed below. We welcome your feedback and updates and would be delighted to share them in the pursuit of progress.

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