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Cargo: GSA Partner Opportunities

dre aviation are seeking a number of key Cargo GSSA partners in the following territories due to increased client demand for turnkey cargo commercial and operational solutions.

The key and immediate territories include;

  • The USA (specifically East Coast) - key stations are New York, Atlanta and Washington. Trucking solutions are also required.

  • France - key station is Paris. Trucking solutions are also required (specifically into mainland Europe).

  • The UAE - key stations are Abu Dhabi and Dubai

  • India - key stations are Delhi and Mumbai. Trucking solutions are also required.

  • The United Kingdom - key stations are London Heathrow and London Gatwick.

Commercial solutions and operational support is required for both in and outbound cargo to a number of African hubs/destinations.

Please contact us at should you wish you partner with us in these key markets.

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