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Safety & Compliance 

Safety is at the core of every ground and flight operation; it is key and fundamental in the aviation sector and compliance measures are binary.

We have a core team that focus on Safety, Security & Compliance and advise both airlines and ground handlers in all aspects as per the latest global benchmarks and Standard Operating Procedures.

In the IOSA and ISAGO environment, we can assist your organisation through the full audit cycle, this includes a current operating procedure Gap Analysis, Gap Mitigation, Pre IOSA and ISAGO audit review, post audit mitigations and assistance through to full accreditation. 

Our IATA approved auditors also keep our clients aware of latest industry updates, revised SOPs and best practise so that your business is always at the fore of best practise. Our team is well seasoned and have a proven track record of assisting carriers and ground handlers in Africa and Europe.  

Latest Safety & Compliance Related Updates

For more updates please use the search feature on this page, we have thousands of historical updates and insights as our feeds are updated daily with the latest news coming out of the industry in Nigeria.


Please note that we now also have dedicated pages for EUROPE, NORTH AMERICA, ASIA, AFRICA and LATIN AMERICA, (ASIA PACIFIC to follow shortly).  

Talk to us about your Safety & Compliance requirements 

We are able to offer our full suite of services across Africa, LATAM and Europe and are available to tailor any adhoc training or al or specific project requirements that you may have for your organisation. We are here to help.

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