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We are a London based, leading commercial aviation advisory firm focussing on the African aviation sector.

Very few consulting and advisory firms know the African aviation space like we do, with both seasoned local professionals and analysts and very experienced expatriates across the continent, along with valuable insights and a track record of operational and advisory delivery and value adding projects, we believe our services are unrivalled globally.


We believe in integrity, commitment to the client and value in everything we do.


Our teams share best practices across our markets and challenge the boundaries to ensure that your aviation business has a competitive edge in every area of activity. Commercial Aviation is an ever increasingly competitive environment and it is important to ensure that you have the most optimal solutions in place for your business and that your operations are reviewed regularly to ensure that you remain lean and remain competitive, we also ensure that your operational risks are minimised.


Our growing portfolio of service offerings and successful projects delivered lay testament to our credentials and we look forward to being of service to your aviation organisation in Africa and increasingly across a number of global emerging markets. 

Thank you for visiting our site today, we are available for any consultancy, advisory and operational solutions or representation that you may require across the continent and look forward to engaging with you.


dre aviation

Africa's Leading Airline Consultancy


Latest African Aviation News and Analysis

For regional specific content (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America), please check our dedicated pages within the site, please remember updates are made throughout the day, 7 days a week.  

We remain Africa's Leading Aviation Consultancy and Advisory Firm,
with an unrivalled, tried and tested pan African footprint, and tailored solutions for each individual client needs.

Talk to us about your requirements across the vast continent.


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