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Welcome to dre aviation

Africa's Leading Airline Consultancy

As a leading advisory commercial aviation firm, we believe in integrity, commitment to the client and value in everything we do.


As we are independent we advise the client without prejudice and without any internal political conflict – we treat each assignment with utmost priority and strive to add value.


We share best practice and  challenge the boundaries to ensure that your business has a competitive edge in every area of activity. Commercial Aviation is an ever increasingly competitive environment and it is important to ensure the optimal solution is in place for your business and that your operations are reviewed regularly to ensure that you remain lean and ahead of the competitors.


This specific site is packed with value adding content for existing and prospective clients to understand the depth of our understanding of the key African aviation market. 

Anybody that has worked with us will know that we are totally focused on our client needs and will strive to deliver above expectations.

Our growing portfolio of service offerings and successful projects delivered lay testament to our credentials and we look forward to being of service to your organisation in Africa and within an increasing footprint in emerging markets. 

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