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dre aviation to launch Ticketing 24/7 Pan Africa

dre aviation have confirmed that they will launch the Pan African global ticketing booking engine by the 1st May, 2019.

The enhanced booking engine will allow both consumers and the travel trade to book any airline tickets with any city pairing globally or multi sector routes.

"Travel agent commissions are hurting the industry as a whole and deters travel, especially from the marginal consumer who is price sensitive, we have created a booking engine where the consumer takes control of their travel plans and can source the cheapest fares directly from the GDS and can compare alternative airline fares all on one page."

"The portal will also be made available to the travel trade as currently they are not able to sell sectors outside of the GDS territory, this adds a new dimension to the global route options being made available in each African country, the net effect should be greater choice, transparency, easier access and a fall in fares charged to the consumer".

The site is in the final test stages but can be accessed online at: individual user accounts and travel trade accounts can be created immediately but the final booking confirmations and payment processing will commence from 1st May, 2019.

The online payment gateway is provided by Africa's leading commercial bank - GT Bank.

Another game changer from dre aviation; pro-aviation and putting the African consumer first.


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