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Ghana: National Carrier to Launch Later This Year - Report

Barring any last minute change, Ghana’s new home based carrier should commence operations this year [2019].

Information available to Citi Business News also indicates that the government and the management of Ethiopian Airlines have progressed in finalizing the agreement.

The Area Manager of Ethiopian Airlines in Ghana, Genet Michael confirmed the progress of work in an interview with Citi Business News.

“As far as progress is concerned, the home-based carrier should start operations this year,” she said.

Basis for new national carrier

The new home based carrier follows attempts by the government to revive the state’s operation in the aviation space after the collapse of two earlier national airline companies.

The collapse of Ghana Airways as well as Ghana International Airlines over various instances of mismanagement has re-birthed the home based carrier which will fly the colors of Ghana but with minimal government interference.

For now, Ethiopian Airlines is the partner helping the government to achieve this aim.

The company controls 49 percent stake in the new national carrier.

The Area Manager for Ethiopian Airlines, Genet Michael further said that the outfit has commenced training for staff to work in the new national carrier.

“We are undertaking all the aviation sector training including marketing, cabin crew, pilot training as well as technicians so whenever there is demand, since we are doing the training, it will be easier for people to join the national carrier,” she added.

Government not to control majority stake

Meanwhile, Aviation Minister, Joseph Kofi Adda has indicated that the government will own not more than ten percent stake in the remaining 51 percent.

Private investors are expected to take up the remaining 41 percent.


dre aviation Opinion

This is a welcome update as the national carrier project has been ongoing in Ghana since 2017. Our concerns remain that similar headlines were released repeatedly in 2017, then 2018 and now 2019....

As most things in Africa, headlines are cheap and seeing is believing, that said, Ethiopian are a serious player and are probably pushing the agenda, so the probability of the carrier taking off are bolstered purely due to the ET connection.

We do caution that the domestic market in Ghana is very fragile so any increased competition will no doubt hurt the 2 current domestic operators; Africa World Airlines and Passion Air.

Time will tell if the carrier actually launches and the impact it will have on the domestic market.

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