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SWISS Introduces Internet On It's Short-Haul Fleet

SWISS plans to gradually equip its entire short-haul fleet with broadband internet access from winter 2024/2025. The equipment includes a total of 59 Airbus A220 and Airbus A320 aircraft. Similar to long-haul flights, SWISS passengers will also benefit from free internet for chat services and attractive offers for extended functions such as e-mail, internet surfing and social media on European flights.

In the future, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) will offer its customers broadband internet access across its entire route network. From winter 2024/2025, the entire short-haul fleet will be equipped. This is taking place as part of a Lufthansa Group-wide roll-out and includes a total of 30 A220 aircraft and 29 A320/321 family aircraft at SWISS. SWISS had already successively equipped the long-haul fleet with broadband internet starting in 2016.

Free internet for chat services

Similar to long-haul routes, SWISS will also offer its customers free internet access on European flights for the use of chat and messenger services such as “WhatsApp” or “Facebook Messenger”. Passengers can send and receive unlimited text and image messages free of charge throughout the flight. Surfing websites and using email programs or social media platforms as well as streaming and VPN services are also available to passengers and can be purchased upon request.

Heike Birlenbach, Chief Commercial Officer of SWISS: “We are aware that it is important for our passengers to be connected both privately and professionally when they are on the move, so that they can exchange ideas, read emails or keep up to date with current events. We are therefore very pleased that we will also be able to meet this need on our shorter flights in the future.”

Reliable and more sustainable technology

The Internet works with a new, hybrid technology called EAN (European Aviation Network). It combines a satellite connection with ground-based wireless technology and ensures a reliable broadband Internet connection. The new technology is also progressive in terms of sustainability: the total weight of the system is significantly lower compared to previous technologies, which leads to reduced kerosene consumption and correspondingly lower

CO2 emissions.


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